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Compile time checking of resource and Xact cue names and deploying one .zip file instead of hundreds of .xnb files is why you should download this right now.

Here are some more reasons why you should use this tool:
  • Your deploy size will be MUCH smaller (important for downloads)
  • Deployment made easy (one resource file instead of hundreds of .xnb files)
  • Auto generates constants for resource names and Xact cue names
  • Ease of use: all you need to do is run the tool in your post build event
  • Practically no memory footprint (no asset names or offsets are stored in memory)
  • Resource loading is as fast as a regular content manager, minus the negligible compression overhead
  • Possibly bug free!

Download the latest release now to get started and you will never deploy .xnb files again. You will find a sample project to help you get started. Just check out the readme.txt file and you'll be set.

For your convenience here's a sample post build event that I used to get all my .xnb and .txt files into the .zip file and usable as content pipeline resources:
$(ProjectDir)..\bin\debug\ZipArchiveCreator.exe "$(TargetDir).xnb|$(ProjectDir)Text\.txt" $(OutputDir) $(ProjectDir)ResourceId.cs TestContentGame ResourceId $(ProjectDir)Audio\Sound.xap

To use this on XBOX, you'll need to get the System.IO.Compression implemented on the .NET Compact Framework 2.0, here is one web site that has implemented it:
(I believe that the .NET compact framework will officially support System.IO.Compression in version 3.5 - whether this will appear on the XBox 360 as well remains to be seen...)

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